By placing an order with FXbodykits, you confirm that you are familiar with the terms of purchase, payment and delivery, and accept these terms as described below and elsewhere on this website. All details remain the property of the FXbodykits team until full payment is made. Payment is considered completed when funds are credited to the seller's account.
The most effective way to place orders with the FXbodykits team is through an online store. Orders placed via the site will be processed within 5-10 business days. Notifications will be sent for orders containing products that are currently on backorder. Please use the exact email address when placing your order to ensure that all messages regarding your transaction are successful.
The FXbodykits team accepts payment via PayPal or Western Union. All prices, materials, design, color, content included in the product, and product specifications are subject to change without notice. Some product images may be shown with additional elements that are sold separately. Product photos are for illustration purposes only; some product colors/pigmentation may differ from actual photos.

All parts manufactured, designed or sold by the FXbodykits team must be installed by a licensed specialist.
Note: the FXbodykits team is not responsible for damage to components that are operated or used at extreme air temperatures.
All supplied FRP parts are covered with gel. Priming and painting is the buyer's responsibility. Scratches on the surface are normal for this stage of the production process and must be repaired during priming and painting by a licensed technician at the buyer's expense.
Colors, technical details, shapes, and stickers displayed on this site may differ from their actual appearance and may be changed without notice.
Note: Please consider your state and local laws. The FXbodykits team is not responsible for any fines or penalties incurred by the user. The user assumes all costs and risks associated with these items. Federal and state laws prohibit the modification or disabling of any device or structural element that affects the emission or safety of vehicles used on public roads. Violation of such laws may result in the imposition of a fine or penalty on the owner or user. Installing this part may void your vehicle's warranty coverage.
The loss of the vehicle warranty is solely the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
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